Friday, January 30, 2009

Extraordinary Service Guide Serving Sincere Heart

Serving customers is a task that is at once exciting and noble. However, this can only be realized if we are to realize the meaning and importance of the task are happy with the work we do. While happiness itself can only be realized if we have the right framework to think of our work.
Various constraints and problems of the services that occur during this indeed comes from a framework of thinking that we focus solely on the material benefits. We are not able to see a more mature perspective and look in the real work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From Idea To Innovation

A personification of innovation as represented...Image via Wikipedia
Currently, business growth is driven by the emergence of new innovations in the form of process innovation, products, services, or even a form or a new business model. Process innovation is a process of thinking from the systemic pattern of Creative Thinking in the process to translate creative ideas into a useful form of innovation.

Many obstacles in the process of creative thinking and innovative, both coming in and the habits of thinking individuals and environmental organizations.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Best Quality Customer Service

Although customer service completely transparent and often difficult to understand, but can still be seen, heard and based on experience. What is important is that what is seen, heard and experienced by customers.
Quality customer service can only be understood from the perspective customers. We must continue to service quality through the eyes of customers. Customer service quality is the key to success and build the basis for success and the company's profit organization.
The pitied, most organizations today only concentrate on the technical performance of the company and only spend very little time for the humane side of the business. Unfortunately, not many trainers or supervisors who experienced enough to provide training on quality of service.
Interact with customers should the deaths and move the spirit. Berinterakasi with customers effectively requires different principles, methods, and skills that need to be identified, learned and applied. Combination of skills and attitudes will determine the form of customer service quality (quality customer service) is able to make us a winner.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Assertive Communication Skills

The success and failure of a professional if in be more depending on the skill or the failure of each in communication. Communication is the infrastructure for someone to convey ideas, defiance or support to stakeholders. Someone the ability mandatory in certain areas, followed by the ability to communicate the good and sufficient expertise so that the individual was perceived to be other people, and especially also includes tools that play an important role in the development of a career.
The failure of an interaction are influenced by the ability of the parties in the field of communication. A productive new solution will be reached when the parties involved use the tips to communicate effectively so that accurate and meaningful discussion Communicating with asertif will greatly increase the effectiveness and can be expected to impact positively on the results of the communication itself. Special skills needed to make someone familiar asertif communication at the right time. This also required to inspect the ability / active listening is adequate as part of the communication asertif.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Workloads Analysis

One of the critical and strategic point in the measurement is workloads analysis or analysis work load. From here and developing various theories and their children as Full Time Equivalent Employment and many more. Because of strategic, work load and able to influence the KPI strategic iniciative it ultimately affect the results from the individual / group performance. This is what workloads made into various formulas Human Capital.

HR Planning or man power planning both short term and long-term also will not be released from the burden of analysis work. Analisanya simple enough, the division of work load on each individual / group will affect Man Power Planning so influential in the recruitment of good internal and external, and finally on the corporate planning. Even in the Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), workloads analysis is quite serious attention because in principle aims to make the process of organization more effective and efficient.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Creative Solving Problems

Why "Solving Problems"? Because each person (including managers), without except that, facing various problems in the life of each; from the trivial to the extremely difficult to be solved. Unfortunately, however, not all the people want and provide the opportunity himself with the knowledge and
skills to solve problems.
On the other hand, many people think that every problem can be overcome by collecting as much information. A presumption wrong! Collection of information is useful as a reference, but passes accumulates a certain point, it can be confusing and even hamper the process solving problems that we face.
After knowing the process and technique-tekniknya, it will be you solving problems that you will be far more efficient and effective rather the spontaneity - which tend loaded with prejudices, conflicts and I rarely even invite: violence!
Trouble in Creative (TiC) stressed the importance of discovery various alternatives, to search for various possible action on every step of the process of problem solving used. On the other hand, if "Solving Problems" can be considered the brain, the "Regulations Decisions "and its implementation, which is the end of the process, more concerning aspects of temperament. For a man skilled in solving problems, not necessarily at the same time dare to take decisions that are always risk.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Strategic Decisions Management

Business must make strategic decisions about how best to produce and deliver the goods and services they sell. In many cases, a business may decide that it is more practical to buy materials, components, parts and finished goods and services from other companies rather than to make themselves in house. The decision to buy means that the buyer will be dependent on the seller, an entity that is entirely not under buyer's control. This situation confronts the buyer with uncertainty and elements of risks.
This is design to provide a process focus on the art and science of managing contractual arrangements throughout their life cycle. This is provides basis understanding of the often complex contracting process including the risks involved, from the perspective of the buyers as well as the perspective of the sellers.
From the buyer point of view, they will understand the process from the beginning of identifying a project, preparing the scope of work, choosing the right seller to the end of the project. Following are the topics to be discussed :

- Identifications of Project Scope,
- Contracting Strategy,
- Bidders list Selection
- Preparation of Tender Document
From the seller point of view, they will be better equipped with the necessary knowledge to understand the process of bid - no bid decision, tender preparation, manage and work within the contracting process to successfully sell goods or services.
- Bid - No Bid Decision,
- Develop Winning Strategy,
- Preparation of Proposal
During the implementation of the project, both parties need to manage the contract to ensure fulfillment of contractual obligations by all parties to the contract. Issues related to this will be discussed under the topic of Contract Administration.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Interpreting & Documenting of ISO 9001:2008

Draft International Standard (DIS) ISO 9001:2008 was approved at the meeting of ISO technical committee TC-176 on 19-23 May 2008 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Planned for the period August 7 until 7 October 2008 with a process of sound (voting) to the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS), ISO 9001:2008 as the most basic decisions of the new International Standard, ISO 9001:2008. In November 2008, the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 will be determined and planned to replace the International Standard ISO 9001:2000.
International Standard ISO 9001:2008 contains requirements and quality management systems that drive the organization to control the process, the process toward the achievement of targets, including the target customer satisfaction, compliance with regulations and legislation and continuous improvement. In the application of quality management system, the organization can undergo a process of certification from the Board as independent evidence on its suitability to meet various requirements for quality management system of ISO 9001:2008 that further enhance the trust our partners / stake holdernya.
Currently, the application of quality management system ISO 9001 held in various business sectors of manufacturing or commercial services, and non-profit organizations and government institutions in 170 countries. According to the ISO 9000 series standards, documentation is something that is far more extensive than from the archives, records, (and of course the images may be the opportunity you imagine). And when the company / organization working to implement a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, the company / organization need to set the Documentation Management System according to quality requirements as a basis for the implementation of standards and improving the quality of development. Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 standards as a generic intepretasi require documentation with appropriate industry and services, and implementation strategies need to run and accepted by all employees.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Important features of online newspapers are the multimedia capabilities of the World Wide Web, the hyperlink structure, which offers various interconnected, and the possibility of interactivity for users. However, these concepts should be defined more precisely so that no difficulties arise.
Multimedia :
In the "Multimedia is the combination of multiple media: text, photos, graphics, videos, animations and sounds of a merger with computers and digital technology."
These options also offers television. The difference with multimedia on the computer or on the World Wide Web is, however, that television is not influenced by the user and can be strictly linear expires.
Multimedia, however, is not linear. "Base are the pages where users" on demand "audio and video streams can recover." Apart from video-on-demand television is still far from a distance of interactivity. Due to the similarity of the multimedia elements of the Web to television would be "Hypermedia" a more accurate description. Slightly larger multimedia is also a proxy for almost all the technical innovations that result from the compressed digital data showed "