Friday, February 6, 2009

New Mobile Marketing

Overtaking The Competition in Time of Crisis

The development of the world is currently concerned with the situation the world economy is currently experiencing a global crisis. It is necessary for the understanding and discussion about the implications of the use of Mobile Marketing as a way to win in the competition in 2009.

Creating Opportunity in Crisis.
Economic conditions make atsmosfer business world tends to become sluggish. This course is also for business conditions in indonesian. The business should start to switch from conventional marketing approach to the "Low Budget High Impact." Using the approach with the Creative Mobile Strategy, the company is expected to continue to win in 2009!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making

The process of problem solving is usually enough to spend time and energy. When a problem arises then the tendency is we want to quickly resolving problems that are visible, and then return to continue working. Unfortunately, sometimes the problem is not resolved well, and repeated again.
The problem seems to finish, when, in fact only temporarily hidden. We often do not perform measurements to determine the extent to which the problems have developed, or how effective the solution that we have run.

Solution quickly (quick solutions) is rarely able to complete the problem completely, and rarely are effective if cost.The review of the Six-Step Problem Solving process is about problem solving in the long term. This is a systematic approach to find the root of the problem rather than looking for solutions that are fast. The Six Step can be used both in the context of a team and as individuals.
It is necessary for the following three stages: