Monday, July 26, 2010, Guidelines on sports drinks

When do sports we all realize the importance of hydration to improve the performance of our bodies. Sports drinks are designed to provide fluids and carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the small intestine. Sports drinks typically contain carbohydrates, electrolytes, flavor and other ingredients.

Carbohydrate present in sports drinks at concentrations below 8%, it is rapidly absorbed by the body. Carbohydrates can be added to sports drinks glucose, glucose polymers, sucrose or fructose forms. Carbohydrates provide fuel for the muscles.

Sodium, potassium and magnesium are sometimes added to a sports drink called the electrolyte. Addition of sodium is said to stimulate the absorption of carbohydrates and water from the small intestine. Most sports drinks contain 10-25mmol / L sodium which makes you feel thirsty, so that encourages you to drink more.

Most athletes only replace half the fluid they lose during the workout, so it is important that the sports drink delicious to encourage athletes to drink more.

Some sports drinks manufacturers also add vitamins, minerals, proteins, herbs and sometimes even caffeine. Be careful with big promises.

The best drink for you depends on your personal preference. Most manufacturers tend to focus more on flavor drinks. The more you like your sports drink flavor, the more you will drink and the more you will replace important fluids.

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